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Compare and Get  Best Fixed Deposit Rates in India. Rated Company/ NBFC , Housing Finance company Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Chart Following company received good rating from CRISIL , ICRA.

Note : All interest rates are subject to revision without prior intimation before investing please confirm any changes in interest rate

CompanyRating1 Yr2 Yr3 Yr4 YrSr.CitizenMin InvInt. Mode
Shriram UnnatiFAA+9.25%9.75%10.50%10.50%0.25%25000Q/H/Y
Shriram CityFAA+9.25%9.75%10.50%10.50%0.25%20000Q/H/Y
Mahindra FinanceFAAA9.25%9.75%10.00%9.50%0.25%10000Q/H
Deewan HousingAAA9.50%9.75%9.75%9.60%0.40%20000Y
Deewan Housing -Ashray DepositAAA9.75%for14 M10000
Bajaj Finance LtdFAAA9.25%9.40%9.65%9.25%0.25%***M/Q/H/Y
Sundaram Home FinanceMAA+9.25%9.50%9.50%9.50%0.50%10000
LIC Housing FinanceFAAA9.00%9.25%9.40%9.60%0.25% *10000H
PNB Housing FinanceFAA+9.40%9.40%9.40%9.40%0.25%20000H
Gruh Housing FinanceFAAA8.50%8.75%9.00%9.00%0.25%1000M/Q/Y


  • Bajaj Finance Minimum Investment – Mumbai -1,50,000  , Pune & Ahmedabad  1,00,000 & rest of Maharastra & Gujrat 50,000