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pnb fd::About Company::

PNB Housing Finance Limited (PNBHFL) is a registered housing finance company with National Housing Bank (NHB). It was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and commenced its operations on November 11, 1988. PNBHFL is a subsidiary of Punjab National Bank (PNB).

On December 9, 2009, it entered into a strategic financial partnership with Destimoney Enterprises Private Limited (DEPL). With over two decades of specialised experience in housing finance, PNBHFL has a robust network of branches spread across the country which help its customers avail financial services (loans and deposits) seamlessly.

  ::Highlights of PNB Housing Finance Ltd. Fixed Deposits::

  • Safe and secure investments – FAAA rating by CRISIL
  • Various tenures ranging from 12 months to 120 months and yield to maturity varying from 9.46% to 14.46% respectively.
  • Half yearly compounding of interest in cumulative deposits.
  • Hassle free process.
  • Exemption of tax for trust investments.

::Deposite Rates::  

Period in MonthsCumulative Deposit (Rate Of Interest)Cumulative Deposit (Tentative yield to Maturity)Non-Cumulative Deposit (Rate of Interest)

#0.25% additional interest for senior citizens

#The new rates will be applicable for all cheques & RTGS received from 01-01-2015.

::Yield to Maturity –“Power of Compounding”::

Compounding refers to the re-investment of income at the same rate of return to constantly grow the principal amount, year after year. Cumulative fixed deposits are a prime example of compounding at work, wherein the total interest that we get paid for the period is in excess of the rate of interest multiplied by the period of the deposit.    

At end of Year 5%10%15%20%
1Rs105 Rs110 Rs115 Rs120
5Rs128 Rs161 Rs201 Rs249
10Rs163 Rs259 Rs405 Rs619
15Rs208 Rs418 Rs814 Rs1541
25Rs339 Rs1,083 Rs3,292 Rs9,540

::Who can Invest::

  • Resident Individuals
  • HUF’s
  • Public / Private Companies
  • Co–operative Societies
  • Co–operative Banks
  • Association of Person
  • Non Resident Individuals and Trusts.

 Crossed A/C Payee Cheques or DD should be payable to “PNB Housing Finance Limited “.

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