Post Office Interest Rate – Apr 2013 -14

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postofficePost office is one of most trusted place to deposit your money. The govt. reduce interest rate on post-office operated small savings.

The new rates will be effective from 1 Apr. 2013 & remain valid during 2013-14.


Current Interest Rate Table for Postal Product

Interest..Rates… Interest payable Min Amount  & Max Limit
PostOffice..Savings Account 4 % P.A.    Minimum 20/- for opening.
5-Year Post Office Recurring Deposit Account  
8.30% P.A. 
(quarterly compounded) On maturity INR 10/- account fetches INR 744.53. Can be continued for another 5 years on year to year basis. Minimum 10/- per month or any amount in multiples of 5/-. No maximum limit.

Time Deposit Account
1 Yrs A/c 8.20% Interest payable annually but calculated quarterly.  Minimum 200/- and in multiple thereof. No maximum limit.
2 Yrs A/c 8.20%
3 Yrs A/c 8.30%
5 Yrs A/c 8.40%

Monthly Income  Scheme
8.40% p.a.   
(payable monthly) In multiples of  1500/-. Maximum investment limit is  4.5 lakhs in single account and 9 lakhs in joint A/c 

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme
  9.20% P.A. interest  payable on 31st March, 30th June, 30th Sept and 31st December. There shall be only one deposit in the account in multiple of 1000/- maximum not exceeding  15 lakh.
 Public Provident Fund   
   8.70% P.A. 
(compounded yearly).   Minimum  500/- Maximum  1,00,000/- in a financial year. 
Kisan Vikas Patra Discontinued from 01.12.2011
National Savings Certificates (NSC)
 5 Yrs NSC (VIII Issue)

   8.50%  P.A. compounded six monthly but payable at maturity. INR. 100/- grows to INR 151.62 after 5 years.  Minimum  100/- No maximum limit .
10 Yrs NSC (IX Issue)    8.80%  P.A. compounded six monthly but payable at maturity. INR 100/- grows to INR 236.60 after 10 years.


 Post Office Interest Rate  2014-15


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  1. A financial advisor told me that if I invest money in TD of post o ffice and send interest to post office RD , my returns will come around 10.50 Can u elaborate on this

  2. recurring deposit for the period of 15 years, 3000/- per month. after 15 years how much is the metured amount.

    1. Depends on Interest Rate
      If Interest Rate 8.00% -10.38 lakh Maturity Value
      If Interest Rate 9.00% -11.35 lakh Maturity Value
      If Interest Rate 10.00% -12.43 lakh Maturity Value
      If Interest Rate 12.00% -14.99 lakh Maturity Value

  3. Please intimate the maturity amount if Monthly investment amount will be Rs. 100, 500,1000,1500 & 2000 for the following Post Office Schems.
    1. Recurring Deposit – For the Period of 15 Years
    2. Time Deposit – For the Period of 15 Years
    3. Public Provident Fund- For the Period of 15 Years.

  4. Interest rates are very low for deposit as compared to nationalized as will as cooperative banks

  5. interest rates are low compared to nationalized bank

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