Shriram City Union Finance -NCD 11.50% -Nov 2013

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  1. SRIDHARAN S R says:

    applied for 50 NCD of Shriram City Union Finance Ltd in Dec 2013 through ICICI DIRECT in DEMAT FORM Pl let me know allotment details

    sridharan s r

    • Rajendra says:

      Allotment progress in process, Shortly Allotment done & Credit to your account. Just Contact Your Broker(ICICI Direct) for Allotment Purpose they can guide you properly. Allotment Date may be Monday or Tuesday

  2. Bhavyank says:


    The issue is closed on 24th Dec 2013 but I am not able to see any allotment so far.

    Can you tell me the exepected date of allotment?

    Bhavyank Shah

  3. I applied 50 ncd of Shriram City Union Finance -NCD 11.50% -Nov 2013, Application no.47035262, pl. confirm me allotment status

    Suekha Singh

  4. Raghavan says:

    I have applied via my Demat account for 10 debentures (of Rs.1000/ each) of Shriram City Union Finance. My question is: Do I have to wait till 24 Dec. (the date of closure of the issue) for the allotment to be made – or will I know earlier? And, if I am allotted the NCDs, where do I check it?

    Please do let me know.


    • Rajendra says:

      Allotment Process : First come first serve basis, so your allotment is confirm.
      Check your Dmat account for Allotment after Issue closing. Check our Allotment Status section for Allotment link. currently Allotment link not updated.
      Read this post How to Calculate IPO Allotment & Listing Date – IPO
      Same process for NCD also

    • Raghavan says:

      Hello again,

      I had applied for 10 NCDs of Shriram City Union Finance. The issue closed on 24th December. I checked my Demat account (I had taken the demat route to apply for this NCDS). My Demat account is not showing any allotment of the NCDs I had applied for – nor has the amount been refunded.

      When do you think I can get to see my allotment status? Is there any Website/link where I can check the allotment status online?

      Please do let me know.


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