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 Top SIP Performance Mutual Fund Report  – Large Cap Fund 

Scheme NameNAV1 Yr3 Yr.5 Yr.1 Yr3 Yr5 Yr
Birla Frontline Equity Fund186.2634.96%18.95%20.16%69,1692,34,6614,88,467
SBI Bluechip Fund32.5829.48%20.81%21.78%67,7922,40,5475,07,475
Kotak Select Focus26.9637.90%23.10%23.16%69,9002,47,9495,24,181
Reliance Growth Fund911.9636.25%21.33%20.69%69,4922,42,2084,94,640
HDFC Top 200 Fund377.1337.91%15.82%16.52%69,9032,24,9604,47,943
Birla SL Manufacturing Equity11.6339.39%------70,269------

Note : *Monthly SIP -5000*SIP Date 10 every month * Last SIP Date 12 Aug 2016   *  Current NAV Date 12 Sep 2016   *Compounded Annulized Return

 Top SIP Performance Mutual Fund Report – Multi Cap Fund

Scheme NameNAV1 Yr3 Yr.5 Yr.1 Yr3 Yr5 Yr
Birla SL Equity Fund580.4644.88%24.45%24.34%71,6132,52,3815,38,915
Franklin India High Growth Companies32.7532.67%23.56%25.96%68,5962,49,4665,59,693
Tata Equity P/E Fund104.6448.2025.40%23.96%72,4192,55,5245,34,148
Tata Ethical Fund138.1517.53%15.03%18.31%64,7182,22,4674,67,439

Top SIP Performance Mutual Fund – Small & MidCap

Scheme NameNAV1 Yr3 Yr.5 Yr.1 Yr3 Yr5 Yr
Birla SL MNC Fund615.2213.42%23.76%26.22%63,9512,52,1925,68,246
Franklin India Smaller Companies46.8333.91%30.04%32.65%69,7042,74,0226,60,362
HDFC Midcap Opportunities 44.7637.42%26.90%27.63%70,6602,62,9595,87,471
Mirae Asset Emerging Business36.7435.23%30.65%31.61%70,0632,76,2186,44,729
SBI Magnum Midcap Fund69.2426.81%27.56%28.94%67,7432,65,2586,26,263
Sundaram Select Midcap Fund401.3633.20%27.71%27.59%69,5102,65,7925,86,840
Sundaram SMILE Fund77.3623.71%27.24%27.55%66,8792,64,1345,86,254

Top SIP Performance Mutual Fund – ELSS

Scheme NameNAV1 Yr3 Yr.5 Yr.1 Yr3 Yr5 Yr
Birla SL Tax Relief 9624.2727.18%21.79%22.96%67,2092,43,6935,21,761
IDBI Equity Advantage Fund22.1422.33%21.41%----66,9662,42,473----
Franklin India Taxshild478.9528.82%21.05%21.56%67,6272,41,3415,04,795
Reliance Tax Saver51.6538.02%22.77%24.36%69,9302,46,8735,39,142
Axis Long Term Equity Fund33.6523.22%20.86%24.63%66,1942,40,7235,42,607
Kotak Tax Saver34.9936.67%21.39%19.47%69,5952,42,4304,80,593
HDFC Long Term Advantage273.1139.15%18.01%18.89%70,2102,31,7164,73,972

Note : *Monthly SIP -5000* SIP Date 10  every month * Last SIP Date 12 Sep 2016   *  Current NAV Date 12 Sep 2016   *Compounded Annulized Return

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  • Before making any investment, you should be clear about time horizon expected return and investment objective. Build your sip mutual fund portfolio based on your financial goals.
  • Always select SIP  route for investment rather than doing lump sum investment. Invest in mutual funds for the long term at least 5 years or above.
  • The past performance of a mutual fund scheme is important in analysing a mutual fund. But remember that, past performance is not everything, as it may or may not be sustained in future and therefore should not be used as the only parameter to select winning mutual funds.
  • Do not panic when markets crash and sell off the mutual fund immediately after the first instance of under-performance
  • Long Term perspective helps in normalizing the volatility in the market. It helps in reaping better rewards.

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