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NCD ISSUE    — Currently Running Tax Free Bond / NCD Issue Details 2019-20

           Upcoming NCD Issue  –

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rate generally offer NCD as an alternative to borrowing from the banks, current market cash liquidity & interest rate effect for new ncd issues

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Advisor broker, agent for Bonds & NCD Issue  – 7719917444

List of Upcoming , Current and Closed NCDs / Bonds .

e.g. Opening & Closing Date, Allotment Date, Listing Date, Interest Rate, Issue Registrar, Allotment Link, Maturity Value, Maturity Date, ISIN No, BSE / NSE Script Code, Interest Payment Date, BSE Notice
NCD IssuerOpening DateClosing DateAllotment DateListing DateIssue SizeRating
L&T Finance Ltd16-Dec-1917-Dec-191500 CrCRISIL AAA
Kosamattam Finance Ltd11-Nov-1910-Dec-19350 CrIND BBB
ECL Finance Ltd04-Nov-1922-Nov-192000 CrCRISIL AA-
Muthoot Finance Ltd27-Sep-1930-Oct-191000 CrCRISIL AA
Shriram City Union Finance21-Aug-1921-Sep-193000 CrCRISIL AA
Tata Capital Finance Ltd13-Aug-1923-Aug-194126 CrCRISIL AAA
JM Financial Products Ltd06-Aug-1904-Sep-192000 CRICRA AA
SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd30-Jan-1723-Feb-1727-Feb-1702-Mar-17706.636 CrBWR AA+
Muthoot Finance Ltd17-Jan-1718-Jan-1730-Jan-1702-Feb-171400 Cr.BWR AA+
SREI Equipment Finance Ltd03-Jan-1706-Jan-1717-Jan-1719-Jan-17500 Cr.BWR AA+
Kosamattam Finance Ltd22-Dec-1620-Jan-1701-Feb-1706-Feb-17300 Cr.CARE BB+
Reliance Home Finance Ltd22-Dec-1623-Dec-1603-Jan-1706-Jan-173500 Cr.CARE AA+
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd15-Sep-1616-Sep-167000 Cr.CARE AAA
SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd07-Sep-161000 Cr.BWR AA+
Kosamattam Finance Ltd29-Aug-1627-Sep-1629-Sep-1605-Oct-16200 CrCARE BB+
Dewan Housing Finance Ltd29-Aug-1630-Aug-1610000 CrAAA
Dewan Housing Finance Ltd03-Aug-1604-Aug-1616-Aug-1619-Aug-164000 Cr.AAA
Edelweiss Housing Finance Ltd08-Jul-1611-Jul-1619-Jul-1622-Jul-16500 Cr.BWR AA+
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services25-May-1626-May-1606-Jun-1609-Jun-161000 Cr.AAA
Muthoottu Mini Finance Ltd28-Dec-1527-Jan-16250 Cr.IND-BBB